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Bruce M
I found peace in a room full of recliners... I felt like I was out of options and my best results were just keeping the devil at the door. I was relying heavily on Chiropractic and massage to keep me going. Each Chiropractic visit my pelvis was again rotated and tipped. Sometimes it was pressing on the nerve which feels like being stabbed and other times didn’t present any nerve pain and was more manageable. Driving west on State street I saw Community Acupuncture Studio and pulled in. I met Gianna and could see in her eyes and feel in her demeanor that she really felt like she could help me. She was RIGHT!! I’ll admit the first session was a bit unnerving so I tried to meditate and belly breathe through my uneasiness. The time passed almost like being under for surgery and before I knew it I was being de-needled. I’m an overweight Type A so I keep all my angst inside and I’m pretty tightly wound. Upon sitting up all I could notice was how peaceful I felt. Everything else (like my back) seemed less important. When my wife got home she straight out asked me what was wrong with me. I had to confess that I was at peace and felt awesome. She questioned me at length to determine what magical concoction I had consumed. I explained just an acupuncture session. We had no idea how important this peaceful feeling was going to become in my life. Several weeks of treatments produced similar results, back pain under control and sense of peace and me feeling very grounded and centered. Each day I walk my dog because it is good for both of us and this activity was becoming increasingly difficult and I found myself needing to stop every 10 yards before going on. Eventually I couldn’t walk my dog or me at all. I was sent for a nuclear stress test which produced abnormal results and landed me on the operating table for a cardiac catheterization and the insertion of a stent to opening up a 99% blocked LAD coronary artery. I’m very lucky that I didn’t have the heart attack that can accompany this condition and my prognosis is good even if it is a slow process. We can’t know the impact of acupuncture on my little story here. I can say that my overall wellbeing is enhanced by it and I’m very thankful to everybody that has had a hand in taking care of me. Thank you to Gianna and everybody at the studio.
Safe, healing space for queer and gender nonconforming people I am so grateful for CAS. This space has been nothing but accepting and kind, and the treatments have been instrumental in my own path towards healing. As a queer trans woman, I frequently don't feel safe in the world. I never know when I'm going to experience hostility or violence. But at Community Acupuncture Studio, I find refuge in an increasingly unsafe world. Thank you Gianna, Colleen, and Aubrey for a place that is welcoming and effective in keeping me in my body.
An expression of gratitude "No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another. Thank you. -Joseph Addison Yesterday I was experiencing my second day of acute pain, being unable to sit, stand or lie without discomfort. I had been to urgent care and was given some medications and an urgent MRI referral but put into a holding pattern until the insurance will authorize it and then once the imaging dept receives that, I was told it is usually one week out for scheduling. Beside myself with discomfort, I decided to try acupuncture and only wish I had done it sooner. I had had a few treatments in my life and they had varied widely. I have always respected the practice, but my experience yesterday has made me a true believer in the potential for immediate results. Colleen - and the treatment she facilitated for healing - was like a warm, bright fire on a cold, dark night. I felt held in intention, I felt safe in the process, and by the time I left, I felt a significant decrease in the pain I was experiencing. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who made that walk in visit possible. Thank you for being a community clinic and keeping this medicine accessible and affordable. Thank you for helping to lighten the burdens of dis-ease in our community by facilitating our access to this modality of symptom management support and healing.
Best in Supportive Healing CAS Olympia's warmly professional healing atmosphere has given our family just the right touch to every aspect of our health needs; emotional, internal, external, deep seated and superficial wounds are addressed and supported toward healing. We've been clients since the Studio first opened and we whole heartedly recommend all of the practitioners here to all of our friends. Thanks to Gianna for bringing this amazing gem to our community to benefit all of us in so many ways!
When there's turmoil in myself & world The difficulty of so many circumstances cause me at times to not sleep well, and to feel "yuck". The acupuncture helps me to navigate all this in a much better way. I can't help but think of the domino effect, if I can manage in a kind way, so to do those around me benefit. Thank you for what you offer, it changes our life experience.
The Blessing Because of this acupuncture clinic I am confident in my healing process for injuries I acquired in my military experience. I am so grateful for their care beyond words. They have made all the difference in my world. Thank you so much for your compassionate care, understanding, and skill.
Lysa G
CAS is an awesome tool in my self-care tool box! I am so grateful to the staff at CAS. I've been going to the clinic on and off over the last few years. In the last few months I've had weekly appointments with Gianna to help reduce the chronic pain I have. Gianna is knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate. I feel safe and taken care of by her. As I approach an upcoming surgery, she and I are planning pre and post-op sessions to promote healing and to encourage a shorter recovery time. I could not imagine having acupuncture in my self-care tool box. It plays such a positive role in my pain management and over-all well-being. Thank you to Gianna, and the rest of the CAS staff for providing affordable and professional acupuncture in the Olympia community!
Wilmer S.
One word .."Amazing" For a athlete that tries to recover from training in a fast rate, I found acupuncture is really amazing and helpful. Ever since doing acupuncture twice a week at this location , I been lifting more than I ever could and doing this 3-4 hours before really feels good ! Being able to go there and take a nap is a plus as well. I made this in my "things to do list "every 3-4 days. Thanks GIANNA!!
Jane B
Great Acupuncture treatments I have diabetes and have developed lower leg neuropathy and gastroparesis stomach stops digesting food. I have twice a week acupuncture treatments and can report my stomach is now working! And my legs and feet have feeling returning! I recommend acupuncture to anyone having health problems. Thank you ACS!
Linda S
You gotta try this! I can't say enough good things about Community Acupuncture. They have helped me with cronic pain that 9 doctors couldn't. I recently tried them for a sinus infection and was astounded that it cleared up in 24 hours! You gotta try this!
Jasmin Faulk-Dickerson
The best! I absolutely love my weekly visits to the studio. I have had all three acupuncturists work with me at one point or another, and they are all phenomenal at what they do and super helpful to address to my needs. The welcoming staff (Robin!) is also a joy to be around when arriving and leaving the studio. I highly recommend visiting the studio and considering a frequent return - it has done wonders for my overall health and wellbeing.
A GREAT COMMUNITY ASSET I've been getting treatment at the VA and was told about CAS by my doctor. My visit was such an efficient, relaxing and beneficial experience I look forward to returning. The treatment room has an air of peacefulness that immediately made me feel relaxed and glad that I made the appointment. The sliding fee scale makes it affordable and there's no health insurance paperwork which means I can go as often as I would like instead of the 6 visit limits I had with my health insurance plan. This is such an awesome business concept that to make alternative health care available to so many. Bravo.
Rosalie C
Say yes to healing I felt results after my first treatment and have been a regular patient since- I love this place! I have been going to the community acupuncture clinic for two months now, and the staff is friendly and knows me by name. I have learned a lot and the acupuncturists are very supportive and make this feel like a safe place to heal mentally and physically. Their treatments are well worth it for what they charge-- I wouldn't be able to afford other clinics and their prices allow me to receive the treatments as often as I do. Thank you everyone at CAS Olympia! :)
Andrea L
What a Gift! My experiences at CAS Olympia have always been outstanding, without exception. The individual attention they give, the healing atmosphere, and the quality of care has kept me coming weekly for almost two years even though the drive is 45 minutes each way. And I plan to keep coming!
Linda Schwerzler
Love it The treatment is in such a relaxed atmosphere you simply know you are in good hands. After years and years of pain I really didn't believe that accupuncture could help. I sure am glad I was wrong.
Kirsten D
Wonderful experience! I injured my knee and was looking for a place to get some acupuncture fast. Community Acupuncture Studio got me in quickly for two appointments in one week, they had wonderful customer service and great treatment. Overall a fantastic experience. I will definitely be back!
Jodee H
Feeling relaxed I felt so relaxed and I slept so good last night, woke up feeling great today!
Noelle H
Refreshed and awake! I have been in this studio for many things over the years. They have rescued me from colds, anxiety, allergies, and foggy thinking among many other issues. Everyone there is kind and thorough. I feel that I am truly cared for there. Thank you for such wonderful experiences!
Incredible I have been visiting the Tacoma CAS for several months now, and it has made such a great impact on my life. Shannon is fantastic, and the treatments have reduced my symptoms from debilitating to only an occasional minor inconvenience. I'm so grateful that there is such an affordable and accessible option in the Tacoma area!
Aly B.
Life changing I've been coming for over a year and have experienced life changing results. I sleep great, my digestion has improved, my anxiety is decreasing, and my energy body awareness is potent medicine in itself. My chronic pain has reduced as a result of acu detoxing. The staff is compassionate and empathetic. Healing in a community setting has felt more beneficial to my well-being than being in a private office. CAS has a warm and welcoming environment I can feel myself relax when I walk in the door. I know that my whole being is being taken care of. Love ya Gianna & Shannon thanks for your continued support in this healing journey we call life!
Wonderful Place This place is amazing. Affordable, welcoming, and professional. It was my first experience and it was relaxing. It's a community setting, so it's different than most, but it was a fun experience. Everyone is quiet and respectful. It's a community nap! I recommend this place to anyone.